From ACTO Chairperson

Dear all,

It is our pleasure to open new academic society named ACTO (Asian Cellular Therapy Organization) that was developed from ISCT Asian Regional Meeting. Earlier in 2011, ISCTasia office was opened in National Cancer Center at Tokyo to promote activity of ISCT in Asia.

However, it is important for region-oriented development of cellular therapy that the autonomous activity independent of ISCT HQ. And on May 2011, our Asian group decided to establish new group for progress of cellular therapy more based on Asian situation. According with this independence, the name of ISCTasia was changed to ACTO.

Even though the name changed, the aim and activity of our society remind unchanged. Drs. Heike and Wakeda serve secretaries continuously. It will be greatly appreciated if you could work together with us for the new Asian society.

We are very happy to announce the 5th Meeting will also be held on Nov 9-12, 2014 at Osaka, named “The 5th Meeting of ACTO”. We are looking forward to seeing you at Osaka in coming November.

Akihiro Shimosaka