It is our pleasure to announce that ISCT Asian Regional Meeting changed to a new academic society named ACTO (Asian Cellular Therapy Organization).

ISCT Asia was one of to branch societies of ISCT (International Society for Cellular Therapy) as ISCT-Europe and ISCT-Australia/New-Zealand. From last year, these regional operations have appealed that the autonomous regional activity independent of ISCT HQ was important for region-oriented development of cellular therapy.

On May 2011, our Asian group decided to establish a new group for progress of cellular therapy more based on Asian situation. Along with the independence from ISCT, the name was changed to ACTO by many members’ suggestions.

Even though the name was changed, the aim and activity of our society continue without change. The 2nd Meeting will also be held on October 17-20, 2011 at Miyazaki, like as last year, named as “The 2nd Meeting of ACTO”.

It would be greatly appreciated if you worked together for the new Asian Cellular Therapy Organization.

Akihiro Shimosaka, Ph. D,
Chairperson, ACTO

Senior Research Adviser
Division of Stem Cell Therapy
Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
The Institute of Medical Science,
The University of Tokyo

Research and Development Division
Research Foundation for Community Medicine


This year, the 3rd meeting of ACTO will be held in Chiang Mai,
Thailand on Nov.16 and 17, 2012. We will give you further
information about it as soon as possible.